“To celebrate Mother’s Day, Brendan and I thought that rather than buying tangible items to reflect our Mother’s individual personality, we would treat them to a delicious lunch at a favourite restaurant of ours, Casa Americo. We know that spending quality time with us means more to them and we are very fortunate that they both get along so well together and enjoy each others’ company.”

“Nearly five years ago Brendan introduced me to Casa Americo, as one of our first dates. In the years to come we continue to return to this delightful Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Milton.”

“We decided that this would be the ideal spot for a Mother’s Day lunch. As always, we were impressed with the service and food quality. As a locally owned restaurant, the owner is personable and attentive (as are the rest of the restaurant staff). The quality of the food and presentation of the dishes is remarkable and the value is unbeatable. I have tried numerous menu items and have been impressed with everything I have tried. On this visit I indulged with the lunch-sized portion of caesar salad, penne a la vodka (best anywhere!) and finished with a slice of decadent red velvet cake (scrumptious).”

“It is important to support local businesses, to ensure they stick around, and Brendan and I will be sure to visit this remarkable restaurant again.”

“Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again,
Kim and Brendan Coyle”

“I love this place. I’ve been here several times and have not once been disappointed. If you’re looking for a true Italian experience and authentic food, this is your place.”

“I go to Casa Americo now and again. . The food is fantastic. The secret is to ask them what to eat on that occasion. They always make a good recommendation such as their best-in-the-city veals. A great place to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“We’ve been there about 4 times already…it’s a great place. The food is fantastic and the service is amazing. It’s also handy being a couple of doors down from my shop”

“The Chicken Supreme is AMAZING!!! and the desserts are awesome as well! Been there twice, and i love the place….”

“It’s classic Italian…I’d say most people are casually dressed but it is a bit of a nicer restaurant. Atmosphere is very cozy. Give it a shot for sure! The food has been very good…everything I’ve tried has been great.”

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